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Psychic Brenda Posani

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Brenda Posani is one of the most accurate, detailed, loving, psychic mediums you will ever meet. Psychic readings by Brenda is next to none when it comes to the overall experience. She is a Master Clairvoyant, Medium, Hypnotist, Ohio Ordained Minister, Psychic Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and Owner of Mystic Nirvana.  

Brenda was guided by the holy spirit in 2009 to open Mystic Nirvana off of Bethel Rd. in Columbus. As her reputation and business grew the space couldn't accommodate her clientele which transpired in a move to Powell, Ohio for the following 4 years. Now she is happy to be located in Uptown Westerville in "The Historic Stoner House". It is  known as a place of refuge and healing dating back 168 years. It was important for Brenda to find a location that not only was full of history, but, has a long history of healing and helping that has saturated the environment. 

Brenda's Ky roots and laid back personality makes her a favorite. Especially, for those who might be new, or a bit fearful of the process of a reading. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and like you have known her forever is unbeatable. Her heart and sincerity to help others is amazing and effortless. She uses her gift to help answer those questions that are important to you. She discusses topics concerning job, relationships, finances, children, love, or communication with those friends and family members who have crossed and their messages of validation, comfort, peace, forgiveness, and more.  

Brenda was highlighted by the media for accurately predicting the Gulf oil spill, the silly band fad, and the death of the President of Poland, long before they occurred. These predictions were published in an article in Dreamweaver, which WBNS channel 10tv along with the Columbus Dispatch. Since then, she has also been seen on Fox28, and heard on numerous Radio shows. She will be seen on an upcoming episode of ’Dead Files’ in 2020. When her schedule allows she is a popular speaker on Psychic Development at many of Expos and Events. 

Services & Pricing

 At Mystic Nirvana, we take care to provide our customers Psychic Readings that are some of the most accurate and professional around. The majority of our clients come from  referrals. This speaks highly of the experience others have had with us. The goal of every reading is that you walk away more enlightened by love, hope, inspiration, and insight. 

Brenda is not only a Clairvoyant but a Psychic Medium. A Clairvoyant is someone who can read you past, present, and future Without using any tools. A Medium is someone who can communicate with Angels & Loved Ones who have crossed over to the other side. 

Brenda asks that you come with an open mind that the Spirit of Love is alive and very much with you.....and would love to confirm that too you. She helps so many believe that our love never dies and that heaven is all around us if we but listen. She also offers House Blessings and House Readings for those that may be experiencing the Paranormal.

Brenda's services include:

1 Hr. Psychic Reading - (In Person) $135
With Brenda Posani 

1 Hr. Psychic Reading - (Phone, Skype, Or Facetime) $135 

With Brenda Posani

1 Hr. 50 Min. Grief Session - (Max. 4 people- *Family or Friends who are not looking to be read as individuals but are there as a group to communicate to their passed loved ones") $335
With Brenda Posani

1 Hr. House Clearing - 1-15 Miles from Westerville OH $135  / 16-30 Miles  $160
With Brenda Posani 

Never Had A Psychic Reading?

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Some of you that may be curious, could  feel a bit nervous about getting a psychic reading from a Medium. From the beginning, I have been told my ”Kentucky" accent and open personality makes them feel like their with family. I have tried very hard to make Mystic Nirvana a confidential and safe haven in which there is never any judgement.

 I believe in unconditional love and that God would never make a person fearful, judged, or afraid. Which tells you, I am not a negative reader. I have always believed that if I pick up something negative it’s because there is time to change it. I do however, state what I feel. Sometimes it’s not what others want to hear but I have to be true to what I believe is being said. The Spirit has taught me to put things in an ethical and loving way as to cause change and not hurt. Sometimes you wouldn't even realize it was somewhat negative!  We all have freewill and according to our choices can prevent any negative I would ever pick up from happening by simply choosing differently. I truly enjoy working with everybody I meet and i sincerely want you to have one of the best Psychic Medium, Psychic Readings possible.